Enrichment Programmes


Resource Room         

Saupins School Resource Room - an attempt to integrate education

All children need consistent support and guidance from caring adults in their families, teachers at schools and mentors in their communities. At Saupins School, Chandigarh, the Resource Room aims at providing a caring and supportive environment for children struggling with learning difficulties and special needs, helping them to develop into productive and responsible adults.

The teachers, special educators and counsellors at our school track the overall progress of every child. Children who face any difficulty are guided and counselled to improve their standards. The Resource Room offers reinforcement in English and Maths for students from Pre-primary to Middle school. Children suffering from various Learning Disorders such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia and children with low intellectual ability are taught alternative measures to develop their skills and achieve the academic standards set. Requirements of comfort, routine,a safe and secure environment are taken into consideration to provide these children with a conducive environment to maximize their potential.

For Saupinians it is as important to be a good individual as it is to be a good student. Thus the emotional and behavioural development of children is also carefully monitored Any deviations in behaviour are attended to and remedial measures taken.Regular counselling sessions,behaviour modification techniques like reinforcement, social praise,token system techniques,role play,story telling etc are used to modify behaviour and achieve social and emotional adjustment.Counselling sessions are also held with parents individually to guide them towards behaviour management and teaching strategies to be adopted at home.

The sensitivity of the teachers, non-teachers and management who are empathetic to the requirements of the special children and provide unconditional support helps make Saupins a truly inclusive school.


At Saupins, we have introduced a Family system, whereby the children of Classes I to VIII are divided into families. Every teacher is entrusted with a family and plays the role of a surrogate parent. In their fortnightly meetings, children can share their problems, concerns and are free to discuss any relevant issues with their family teacher. This system allows the children across levels to forge bonds and empathise with each other. The teacher acts as a mentor, friend and guide.

Senior Citizens Day

With a view to honor senior citizens our children annually organize a cultural programme for them on the school premises. The event is always thoroughly enjoyed by the senior citizens, who interact enthusiastically with the children. The senior citizens look forward to this event while the children earn much appreciation from the elderly. They are also sensitized on the importance of respecting and learning from these stalwarts who have much to offer society.

Blood Donation Camp         

"You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give". With this in mind, SCSO annually organises a Blood Donation Camp in association with PGI, Chandigarh on the school premises. The camp receives a tremendous response, with parents and staff members coming forward to contribute to the cause. As part of this programme medical supplies are also donated by the SCSO children to the PGI Thallesemia ward.


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