Respected madam

We would like to convey that Ms. Aakriti Madam who teaches nursery class section A had been a very supportive and nurturing guide for the child during the sessions. Her qualities like being soft spoken, listening to children and parents, individual attention to each and every child in the class, suggesting measures to improve performance of the child without putting burden on the students are very appreciative. We are very grateful for her being the teacher of our child in nursery class.

Dr. Rajni Thakur
Mother of Advaita Chamotra

My child Himanshu is studying in this school since U KG. I find the school infrastructure very good . When my daughter was called in the school because she has passed the test , I was so much happy . They said me to come on the first day of the school so that i could see how do they teach everybody . When i came to see it, it was nice that they teach everybody very nicely and if any child didnt understood , they help them , and that i liked that a lot . My daughter was very happy in the school as she got new friends and friendly teachers. She secured good marks in every test , has really improved her vocabulary, and grammar. She has learned a lot in this school. The teachers are always there to help and so my daughter freely ask the questions in which she find problem. The school has good and neat classroom and out of these the ratio of children and the teacher is 22:1 and that is very good because the teacher could pay attention to every child . Teaching skills are very good and excellent. This school also conducts activities also that include baking , Eng literary, chess , table tennis etc in which my daughter has a keen interest and she was very excited to go the school because she has too much interest to learn new thing especially in baking and other activities. I am happy that she participates in all activities organised by the school, and im happy that she gets position in the activities. And also the sports activities conducted by the school also. They conduct every sport on every Saturday. Cricket to basketball, basketball to football every sport . The school just want to the participation of the child,because every child in their community s most valuable asset. Due to these reasons i put my son Aditya in this school only , and i am very happy to see my both children in the school because they are studying happily . Whenever my friends ask about their admission of there child i always recommend SAUPINS SCHOOL because no other school could be better than this school. I wish SAUPINS SCHOOL all the best for future and you will be on the topmost school of INDIA ....  
 From the very beginning both of my kids have been in this school .The main thing i like about this school is that the students are neither overburdened with the studies nor the students are too less that the students from other schools .. From the primary classses only the students are taught to save environment . I would like to appreciate few teachers who observe very keenly and bring into the notice of parents , the weak points of their kids . I would not miss to mention the good changes brought by respected headmisstress to whom the students can easily approach for their queries . The other important thing which I like about the school is FAS and CAS .The students are not bound every monday or any other day of week throughout the year like in most of the schools in tricity . The school adopts good things from the other educational schools or institutes in the region . I feel myself proud mother that I chose best school for my kids 
Kamaljeet Kaur 
Mother of Harleen Kaur 
Class VIII 
Captain of Aspen House   
The Principal, 
Saupins School, Sector-32, 
Sub: Appreciation Letter 
 Respected Sir, I am the father of Mr. Prabhnoor Singh Aulakh of Class X-A of your school, writing this letter of appreciation. Right from play-way to Class X, my son has been studying in your school. I would like to express my appreciation for the management, the principal, teachers & the entire staff, who have worked very hard to groom the children. I have seen my son being groomed and he has excelled in academics and other activities. It is not that you taken care only of my child, you looked after every child and encouraged them to emerge as excellent and responsible citizens. Prabhnoor and I are feeling very uncomfortable as this stage as we have to look for another school, because you do not have XI & XII. My daughter Simar Aulakh is studying in Saupins School (Mohali Branch) right from UKG. I had no other school in mind when I admitted her in your school. By the time she grows up, I am confident that she will not need to leave the school because I strongly feel that your school will be upgraded to plus 2 level very soon. I sincerely wish your school progresses. Your hard work and latest technology and effort will make every child an excellent citizen of the country. I am very proud of your school. I wish you all success. 
With Regards 
Yours Sincerely 
Amarjit Singh Aulakh   

 I vividly remember when Tript joined Saupin’s Mohali in L.K.G, my fear was lifted off the very first day as the teacher incharge Ms Kiran spoke to me. Very delicately she held Tripts hand and led her to the class. Tript loved her school so much that she never wanted to miss it, even if she was ill and she could barely walk. The affection and encouragement showered upon Tript turned her fear of getting on the stage into a thrill of performing and participating in almost all the activities like debates, poetry ,recitation, story-telling, music, play and so many sweet experiences which has turned my shy, introvert child into a confident achiever. The teachers in Saupin’s are like mothers for students. Both my daughters feel comfortable talking to their teachers about anything under the sun. Teachers like Puja Ma’am , Upasna Ma’am ,Kumkum Ma’am and the Headmistress Goldie Ma’am have very subtly taught her the morals ,values and discipline so that she can sail through the difficult teenage. I did not think twice before choosing the school for my little one- Anhad. Her playgroup was as pretty as a fairyland followed by a lovely LKG and UKG courtesy Param Ma’am. Simple yet meaningful activities like hanky-washing , bed making etc made this naughty child responsible while having fun. The teachers are always open to new ideas as they themselves are so innovative. Kuldeep Ma’am encourage the inquisitiveness, Tamanna Ma’am is helping her to deal with maths problems , Puja Ma’am has made her fall for English to the extent that Anhad checks our wrong diction at home. The awareness of educating my daughters in a well-structured, firm yet flexible , loving, warm and a positive school fills my heart with warmth and comfort. 
 I wish you All the best. 
Manmeet Kaur 
(Anhad & Tript’s mother)   

 Respected Goldie Ma’am, It had been a wonderful journey of my kid who joined as a student in UKG. We owe a gratitude and thanks to SAUPIN’S SCHOOL for many things that my child has imbibed. To be a good citizen of the country. Good behavior towards parents, teachers and society in general. About cleanliness is next to Godliness. Discipline as a tool to be responsible and effective in carrying out normal duties. Be God fearing. It is fine to be good at games but concentrate on studies. I can eulogise thousands of habits that the school has given to my son. I bow and request God to give thousands of GURUS like Saupin’s has given to my child, for this country. My humble salute to the silent soldiers. 

 With humble regards Gaurav & Harinder   

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